Insurance Valuations

Finding the right balance for your insurance premiums

To insure your business and its assets correctly, you need accurate valuations. By undervaluing to pay lower premiums, you’re leaving yourself at risk of facing a potentially shattering cost should something go wrong. If insured values are judged to be incorrect, the Directors of the company could also face stiff penalties for misrepresentation.

Conversely, by overvaluing, you’ll be stuck paying high premiums which could cripple your operations.

At Liquid Asset Management, we help you get the balance right.

Our experienced valuations team have the technical knowledge and skills to provide the most accurate valuations for your property, plant, equipment and other assets for insurance purposes.

We cover all insurance requirements:

  • Replacement and reinstatement
  • Loss Adjustment
  • Indemnity Value
  • Agreed Value policies
  • Industrial Special Risk (ISR) policies
  • Comprehensive insurance valuation reporting

What you get

With Liquid Asset Management, you get a 3-year insurance valuation program service. This includes a valuation report completed during an on-site inspection in the first year, followed by two annual reviews and updates. We make sure that these updates are issued before the anniversary date so that you’re prepared in advance for renewal discussions with your insurance broker.

It’s all about simplicity and convenience, and ensuring that valuation amounts are kept regularly up to date.

Need more info?

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